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"How to Be Successful without Hurting Men's Feelings" - Review

I can’t stop laughing! This quick read was the perfect on sitting laugh fest that I have been looking for. Sarah Cooper really understand the frustrations of being a woman in the workforce.

“If you have the choice between saving a man’s ego or saving his life, trust me. Save the ego. He’ll thank you for it later. I mean, he won’t because he’ll be dead, but you know what I mean.” This quote from the introduction of this book really says it all. This book is perfect for working women who know that the world isn’t equal and sometimes just want to laugh at the stupid things that happen just because you’re a woman.

I really enjoyed the “Lower Expectations” action plan. With this fun worksheet, I now know how to properly lower my career, life and family expectations. There is even a choose your own adventure chapter to this book and achievement stickers. This book ties together beautiful typography with funny and true graphics.

This book teaches women everything from how to smile right to voice loudness and everything in between. Every woman needs this satirical book in their life. But as this wonderful book says “You do you! No, not that you the other you the one people like.” Seriously - I going to go pre-order copies for all of my favorite feminists. It’s the perfect book to read when you’re feeling stressed about something at work and just need to laugh it off.

[Free ARC from Net Galley]


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