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Ariadne - Review

Is it a surprise to anyone at all that I LOVED this book? Seriously, I need more mythology-themed recommendations ASAP. If you have any please drop them in the comments. ⁠⁠


I just finished Ariadne and if you're a fan of Song of Achilles or Circe, you need this in your life. Ariadne is a retelling of the Greek myth of Ariadne, princess of Crete and sister to the famed Minotaur.⁠⁠


Ariadne isn't a myth that I was previously familiar with so there were surprises for me every step of the way. I loved the bond between her and her younger sister Phaedra. All the characters were really easy to connect with, which you know I love in a book. ⁠⁠


The author, Jennifer Saint, did an amazing job of bringing her character to life. Both sisters were flawed, real, and felt like they could exist in today's world. It takes time to connect with Ariadne but I think that is intentional so we can see her grow and become more comfortable with herself too. ⁠⁠


The audiobook narrator is great, she was really engaging. Would highly recommend it. ⁠⁠


Thank you to Amelia (yes, the publicist's name is also Amelia) and her team over at Flat Iron Books for sending us this copy to review. 10/10 will read any book you tell me to from now on.⁠⁠


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