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Review of the Literati Subscription Box

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind book club and/or book subscription, look no further than Literati. This book subscription feels like a real book club. Each month, the host known as the “Luminary” hand selects a book. They each give an explanation as to why they chose the book and this is so helpful when I have to decide which club I want to join for the month.

One of my favorite things about Literati is the wide variety in selection. They have 13 unique clubs to join and each one is run by a unique Luminary with a different taste in books. There are 26+ genres featured so you’ll easily be able to find the right one for you. So if nonfiction is jam - they have four clubs that often select nonfiction pics. One of my top picks is Stephen Curry’s club called Underrated whose books focus on social justice and feature underrepresented voices. I also love Cheryl Stayed’s club Wild Reads. Her picks are a variety of genres where the story focuses on courage, vulnerability, and wit.

Did I mention that you’re never locked into just one club? You can stay in the same club or switch it up at any time. I love being able to see the picks before selecting my book for the next month. That’s why I love when the Luminary’s make the next month’s selections so I can read all my options. As a member, you can choose your next book shipment by the 15th of every month.

As anyone who has taken part in a book club knows, the discussion is the best part. That’s why Literati made an app to make this process even easier. At any point in the month, you can open the app and jump into the discussion. The discussion is broken down into sections to prevent you or other members from getting spoilers. I love that you can chat along the way. So maybe book clubs just allow you to chat once the book is over, but I love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions every step of the way. To me, it makes reading so much more fun.

Your membership gets you access to all the Luminaries’ book club discussions both past and present. So if you were debating between clubs you could still participate. This was an unexpected but delightful feature. You also get access to the “Ask the Author” sessions, how cool is that?

The selected books typically aren’t recently published – which is not a problem for me because as a mood reader, I love getting recommendations for books that I will enjoy but will also help me learn and grow.

This subscription is just a book and the discussions, so many other amazing subscriptions out there include bookish items but I have so many already. I love that Literati keeps it simple. Literati costs under $30 / month (billed monthly).This membership provides access to all digital book clubs and events and one curated book box delivered to your home each month. Check it out here!


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