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Anxious People by Fredrik Backman Review

This book was everything I hoped for and more. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with each character - you know a typical Fredrik Backman book.

The story starts with a bank robbery gone wrong, but not in the way that you would expect. The robber, desperate to provide for their young children, accidentally chooses a cashless bank to rob. Then while trying to flee, the robber ends up crashing an apartment open house. The attendees of which now become the hostages.

The hostages consist of an elderly woman, a bank executive, a retired husband and wife, a lesbian couple expecting their first child and a few other surprise guests.

The story flips between the hostage situation and the police officers tasked with getting everyone out safely. The two police officers are a father and son duo with a truly unique working dynamic. Does this sound confusing and quirky? Good, because it is.

Fredrik has a unique way of looking at the world and reflecting that through characters in his novels. This book is a prime example of that. His books, this one included touch on dark parts of people. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat it. Every character, like every person has clear flaws and struggles.

Anxious People is available on September 8th 2020.


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