The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert Review

This entire book takes place over one day, Election Day. I love how this book promotes how important voting is in America, especially to young people.

When you're 18 and voting in your first election, it's special and you want everyone to be informed and take it seriously like you, but Marva finds out that is not the case. When Marva sees Duke be turned away at their polling place, she sees it as her job to step up and make sure his vote gets counted.

The character of Marva is my favorite. If we went to the same school, we would have been the best of friends. She's serious yet quirky which helps to humanize her. If she wasn't so likable this book wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable. Duke is such a good contrast to Marva.

This YA novels so many important and timely topics, such as white privilege, police brutality, voter suppression, grief, gun violence and so much more. It's heavier than many other YA novels out but that's part of what I loved about it.

It has major The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon vibes, which I loved.

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